Graduate Courses
PHIL 706 – Continental Philosophy (new course spring 2017)
PHIL 516 – Advanced Aesthetics (new course fall 2014)
PHIL 513 – Philosophy of History (new course spring 2014)

Independent Studies
Fall 2014 – with Konstantin Pollok and Gerad Gentry: Fichte and Weimar Classicism
Spring 2015 – with Turner Shull: Science, Technology, and the Question of God. On Heidegger

@ Philipps Universität Marburg, Germany
Moses Mendelssohns Ästhetische Schriften / Moses Mendelssohn’s Aesthetical Writings
Theorien des Unbewussten im 18. Jahrhundert / 18th Century Theories of the Unconscious

Undergraduate Courses

@ University of South Carolina
PHIL 101/103 – The Art of Living (new course spring 2015)
PHIL 102 – Introduction to Philosophy (SC Honors College)
PHIL 212 – Conflicting Images of Man (new course spring 2014)
PHIL 211 – Contemporary Moral Issues (new course spring 2016)
PHIL 312 – Philosophy of Art (new course fall 2007, as Instructor)
PHIL 390 – Junior Seminar: Theories of Self-Formation (new course fall 2017)

@ Stanford University
THINK 24 – Evil (with Chris Bobonich)
THINK 14/IHUM 10 – From the Closed World to the Infinite Universe (with Michael Friedman and Helen Longino)
THINK 2/IHUM 48 – The Art of Living (with Ken Taylor, Lanier Anderson, and Joshua Landy)
IHUM 39 – Inventing Classics (with Laura Jansen)
IHUM 23 – Fate of Reason (with Lanier Anderson and Allen Wood)
IHUM 10 – Philosophical Perspectives on Science (with Michael Friedman and Helen Longino)

@ Philipps Universität Marburg, Germany
Reading Courses:
Aristotle Nicomachean Ethics
Friedrich Schiller On the Aesthetic Education of Man